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Top 5 Must Do SEO Things Before Publishing Your Blog Posts or Articles

As a blogger, you will love your blog posts or articles to hit the first and front page of search engines. This can be done by effective SEO in your blog and inside your blog post. Search Engine Optimization today is the life of every blog or website. However, there are many of articles written on topic here..

Top 5 Must Do SEO Things Before Publishing Your Blog Posts or Articles

There are too many SEO techniques out there which most bloggers have implemented and applied on their blogs. Apart from normal SEO Bloggers do in their blog, there are some basic, simple and tricky must do SEO that should be done before publishing blog posts which are not noticed by bloggers especially the newbie.

These SEO techniques are must do SEO things one must do before publishing a post on his or her blog. This will make their post title get crawled and also their post keywords.

Top 5 Must Do SEO Things Before Publishing Your Blog Posts

1. Optimize Post Title

Post Title plays a very essential role in SERPs and generates the CTR (Click Through Rate).
Your blog post getting ranked in Google SERPs first page doesn't matter. What matters is the title. The title must be eye catchy that will make visitors click them. It happens that pages ranked below/above which are having the eye catchy title get more clicks even if you have written a informative or non-informative article. Though, posts contents are not shown in search results, it is only the title and description which matters.

There are always 9 other results on Google's first page along with your post so what makes your article or post different from others' and gain clicks or traffic is the Title of The Post. Therefore, you should write an eye catchy title for your blog post.

Let look at an insight example of two results on Google SERPs for a search query "Airtel "Ovajara X8" Bonus on SmartConnect 4.0":
1) "Airtel "Ovajara X8" Bonus on SmartConnect 4.0"
2) "Activate New Airtel "Ovajara X8" Bonus on SmartConnect 4.0"

Top 5 Must Do SEO Things Before Publishing Your Blog Posts or Articles

In the above two results, which one seems to be eye catchy? Of-course the first result is tend to generate more clicks and traffics. However, always take note of your post title before publishing your post to web.

Read : 

2) Optimize Post URL/Link

Another must do seo thing you should do before publishing your new blog post is optimizing your post link or url. Url should be optimized because search engines like Google, pay attention to URLs. Link Optimization is easy for platform users via the Permalink feature. Permalink feature was introduced in 2012 but it unfortunate that only a few bloggers utilizes it because they don't know what it is meant for.

The Blogger's Permalink feature enables you to edit post's URL when not yet published. In a situation where you enter the title of a new post, blogger automatically generates the post URL which might exclude the main keywords of your post title because there are only first 30 characters picked from the title and here is where Permalink works. It helps you to edit and add more word to the link.

Permalink can be found on right side in blogger post editor under the Post Settings.

example: Title "Top 5 Must Do SEO Things Before Publishing Your Blog Posts or Articles"

Blogger Will Generate The URL Automatically:

Top 5 Must Do SEO Things Before Publishing Your Blog Posts or Articles

As seen in the URL above generated by blogger automatically is missing some of our main keywords "Publishing Your Blog Posts or Articles" so the URL is not as eye catchy as the post title and we can make it relevant by editing in Permalink:

By editing the URL permalink above, I added "publishing-your-new-blog-post-or-article" keyword which makes look attractive and eye catchy that could bring traffics.

3. Images

Your blog image do better and should be considered while seo optimizing your new blog posts. If you don't know how to do image seo, don't worry I have prepared two articles that will make your blog post images rank high high in search engines.

One essential SEO optimization for image before I refer to another post is adding the alt and title tags to your blogger blog image. Now you can read How To Optimize Blogger Blog Post Images for Better SEO

4. Hyperlinks 

Hyperlink is also known as interlinking which involes linking back from a post to another older post(s) of your blog. Only few bloggers especially tech bloggers utilizes this feature. Hyperlinking is an important task every blogger must practice. It makes post more interesting and Cam. Improve CTR of your blog and it bounce rate and user engagement.

As a tech blogger, if I write an article, it is possible that it contains other keyworuds on which I have already written some articles so this time, i have the opportunity to link back to those older posts from these words. Using Hyperlink in your blog post helps search engines crawl your blog. If you are using interlinking in your blog posts, you can learn : How To Optimize Blog Post Hyperlink

5. Grammer Checking 

You should check your grammar after writing your post. This is not done by bloggers and it very bad because you might end up reading error when the post has been published. There are some tools that you can use to check your gammer after writing your blog post. 

In blogger, you can easily check the spelling of your blog post before publishing. This tool is available at the top page of your blogger editors page. It has the ABC icon. 

You can easily click on it to help you find some incorrect word. It unfortunate that it can't help find incorrect or incomplete sentences. Blogger check spelling helps you detect an incorrect word. When you use this feature, you will see the incorrect word in yellow background 

Top 5 Must Do SEO Things Before Publishing Your Blog Posts or Articles


Believe me, if these top 5 must do SEO are properly taken and considered by you, there is no reason why your post should hit the first page of search engines. However, it should be done with care. You must always remember to do these because it could help your post rank high and craa quickly on search engines. My next post on SEO will be "Top Must Do SEO things after publishing new blog posts" 


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