Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How To Create AdSense Native In-feed ad

AdSense In-feed ads are a new format that are placed inside your feed (content block) to help monetize your site/blog and provide a better user experience to your visitors.

For example, a feed can be an editorial feed (e.g., a list of articles or news) or listings (e.g., a list of products, services, etc.).

In-feed ads are native which means you customize them to match the look and feel of your content.

The benefits of In-feed ads

Some key benefits of in-feed adsense ad to publishers or users are :

  • Better user experience: In-feed ads offer a better user experience to your visitors. They're part of the user's flow and match the look and feel of your site.
  • Monetizing new ad spaces: In-feed ads offer the opportunity to further monetize your pages by placing ads in new places, i.e., inside your feeds.
  • Ideal for mobile: In-feed ads are ideal for mobile as they can help you to better monetize the smaller screen spaces available on mobile devices.

How In-feed ads differ from standard ads

According to adsense help, In-feed ads are different from standard ads in the following ways:

  • They're part of the user's flow
  • They're highly customizable.
  • They use high quality advertiser ad elements.

How To Create AdSense Native In-feed ad

==> Sign in to your AdSense account.
==> In the left navigation panel, click My ads.
==> Click +New ad unit.
==> Select In-feed ads.

==> Select a layout that best matches your feed's look and feel. (For the new blogger themes, select "image above", for old blogger themes, select "image on the side".

  • Give your In-feed ad unit a name.(Adsense recommend to you prefix the names of your In-feed ad units with "Native" or something similar to help you track their performance).
  • Style your ad to match your feed. Set up global option, image, headline, description, url and button.
  • Test how your ad will appear on different screen sizes by changing the container width of the feed in the preview area. Use the drag handle to change the width.
  • Note that In-feed ads are responsive by default which means that they automatically adjust their size for the device they're being viewed on.

==> Click Save and get code.
==> Copy the In-feed ad code

That's all.
I hope this helps..

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