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How To Add and Use Title Tag and Alt Tag To Blogger Post Image

In a previous post on this blog, i published how to optimize blogger blog post images for better seo results and in that article i made mention of using the alt and title tag. However, are you thinking of how you can rank your blog post images in Google image search engine, but you aren't conscious of the fact that how Google rank them.

How To Add and Use Title Tag and Alt Tag To Blogger Post Image

If you are using blogger blogging platform, as a newbie, you will surely not remember if optimizing your post images which will not bring just more audience of visitors but also build your seo by some percents.

This post today, i will be discussing on how to how to add ALT tag to images in blogger and remember some blogger seo techniques for image I dropped here.

What is Image ALT?

One major technique of making blogger post image rank high on search engines over other websites is to give it an ALT Attribute in your image tags. This tool is available in blogger blog post editor page but not all bloggers using blogger is awared of this.

ALT attributes for images is a tool that talks about an image especially when it has a name. Since, web browsers, search engines and search bots cannot read an image by themselves. Therefore, by adding an image ALT will make it easy for them to understand your image in a better way.

Tips to better optimize images in Blogger

Before teaching how to add alt tag to blog post images, I will like to share with you some few tips on how to properly add alt tags to your Blogger images, graphics and photos.

Below are tips for both image title and alt tags and do not implement more than 10 words.

  • Consider adding your focus keywords in all your image alt tags. Better is to add your post title for alt tags.
  • Compress all your images before you upload it to Blogger
  • Do not use special characters like @, $, ^, &, !, *, # in your alt tags
  • Do not spam! It is not a place where you add your Meta keywords. For example if the focus keyword for your article is “how to optimize images in Blogger” then just add alt tags like this “optimizing Blogger images” or “optimizing images in Blogger”.
  • Always have an introduction image in each blog posts just like you see it here. We always consider adding and intro image to all our blog posts.

How to Add ALT Tag to Images in Blogger:

==> Sign in to your blogger dashboard
==> Click New post.
==> Now, you can write your content and attach your image to where you want it to be in the blog post once published.
==> Once the image is uploaded successfully, tap on the image, you will be see a blue tool bar that has some option for image (optimization)
==> Select Properties and

==> enter the ALT and Title keyword in the text box.

NB: The ALT should be of a four to five words defining the image. Once you are done, click OK and "Save" Post.

Successfully, you have added ALT tag to images. Search engines and it bot now will understand your image and make it crawlable fast when being searched.

You can also use the following alternative code to add ALT tag to images in any platform like HTML, WordPress and perhaps blogger.

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